Friday, 30 March 2012

Separation Anxiety – The other way round

I don’t know if any or all other working mothers are like me, sometimes I can get really emotional or sad leaving my baby to work.

This morning, after getting myself ready for work, I went into her room at 730am with her milk. This is the usual time we have to wake her up if she is still not awake yet, because I need to leave for work by 740am latest and for the husband 8am. She is still in peaceful deep sleep. I look at her angelic face, and her stomach moving up and down to the rhythm of her heartbeat, I just couldn’t bring myself to wake her up. Every time when it comes to waking her up in the morning, I become a very indecisive person. On one hand I know I have to wake up else everyone will be late; on the other hand I just want her to sleep a little bit more, as if one more minute of sleep really makes a difference.

And after she wakes up, I will need to leave in the next 10 minutes. 10-minute is really too short! So I try to offer a lot of hugs and kisses, as if to make up the total quota for the day. Husband said that’s too much you are not going to see her in one-year’s time. Men are just different.

When it comes to say ‘Bye Bye’, Kah Yen does not really have any separation anxiety. When she first learnt to wave Bye Bye and give flying kiss she will happily do both to Mummy voluntarily. Now these are nothing new to her so she doesn’t do it so often, even upon requests. She is more interested in the toy in her hand. I know it is completely normal for her age but I can't help feeling sad wondering if she really needs Mummy that much.

Mummy is the one experiencing separation anxiety instead.

A happy morning baby @ 4-month old


  1. Looks like Kah Yan is a very independent girl!

  2. Yes she definately is but that makes me feel sad sometimes because I know it is simply a result of putting her with our Nanny at as early as 3-month old.