Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's a good match!

We brought Kah Yen for a friend’s wedding lunch on Saturday. She did not seem to be impressed at all by the handsome groom or the gorgeous bride or the lovely songs in the air. Only the door gifts on the table managed to interest her for a while before she is too bored to sit still on her high chair.

We brought her down from the high chair and she soon found her equally bored-and-can’t-sit-still-anymore friend from the same table – one of our friends’ 3-year old boy. Off she went to crawl after her KorKor. (Ever since she learnt to say the word “KorKor” she practically calls every boy she sees)

As you can see she chases after him all the way to the buffet table, and it soon becomes their dating corner.

First, let me introduce - this is my Korkor

Now let's take a photo together

Oh Korkor is hugging me
I really like the photos because very rare we dress her in such pretty red dress, and it just happened that the boy is also dressed all in red. I later sent these photos to the boy’s parents and asked them whether they think it is a good match.

Our innocent Kah Yen certainly never thought that her Mummy is going to match-make her at this early age.

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