Monday, 26 March 2012

The masterpiece of a 16-month old

I swear I did not pass her the color pencils. I have no intention of raising a child prodigy here, and I don’t believe she can learn drawing at this young age.

Even if she does have the artistic genes inside of her, she got to learn the most fundamental human skills first – that includes walking, talking and eating by herself. For now these are far more important than drawing a piece of art.

We got the color pencil box as a goodie bag gift from one of the community events, it has been on the corner of our dining table for quite some days before I threw it into her “Miscellaneous” toy box. This morning when I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen I saw our little explorer and destroyer staring at the box, and trying to open it with both her hands and the help of her mouth. When she did open it, she took them out one by one and started randomly scribble on the floor. To save our living room floor we quickly pass her some white paper. And there she is. She really does look like she is working hard on something right?

Kah Yen's first time drawing with color pencils

A few of Kah Yen's favorite things

Well obviously she can’t draw anything but a few lines so the above picture is actually contributed by Daddy.

And seeing her interest in drawing, we passed her the magnetic drawing board – a toy our friend’s children received on a Silkair flight. To our surprise she seems to like it very much.

Kah Yen drawing on a magnetic board

And here comes the actual masterpiece of a 16-month old.

The masterpiece of a 16-month old


  1. Sophia recently drew some similar squiggles. With a ballpoint pen. On her highchair tray. We can't get it off now. From now on she's getting only crayola washables.

  2. Oh She is such a smart girl, she is only 14 month right? I actually did read from books that we can start to pass them crayons or even painting materials to explore after 1 year old, but I keep procastinating this, thinking she can't do much with it and also want to save myself from the trouble of washing more clothes. Maybe I should get her the washable crayons too. Is there any recommendations?