Thursday, 22 March 2012

Letters to Kah Yen: Your Nanny, Your Popo

Dear Kah Yen,

In this letter, I want to tell you about your Nanny - whom you call Popo. You may not be able to remember your first two years when you grow up, so this letter will help you to remember who she is.

She is a very kind and cheerful lady, to whom Daddy & Mummy are truly grateful.

We were deciding between Infant care and Nanny before Mummy went back to work. Your grandparents from both sides are not living in Singapore. You are only 3-month old, such a small baby. We can’t imagine leaving you at Infant care without one-to-one attention, staying in your cot or rocking chair most of the time. You are also not a very fast-eater so it takes some time and patience to let you finish your bottle. With all these worries in mind, Daddy & Mummy decided to find you a good Nanny near our neighborhood to look after you.

Finding a good Nanny in the neighborhood depends purely on luck and trust. There is no agency to call, no newspaper to flip, no website to search. We don’t know any parents who can recommend one as well. We prayed hard. We even printed out some small flyers to put at lift lobbies and mailboxes. There is no news.

Then one day, as we were walking around the neighborhood again, we met one group of grannies gathering at one block, they are all at your grandma’s age. We casually asked if any of them might be interested. And there she is, your Nanny, she said she can help. She has been looking after her own grandsons for the past few years and they have just moved to Hong Kong one month back. She is free now but without kids around the house she felt empty and lonely. She likes Kids. And She likes being active. So she is willing to help. We have very good first impression of her. She looks like one of the youngest among the group, and she looks cheerful and lively. Even the other grannies commented that she takes care of kids really well; we were lucky to find her.

She has been looking after you for almost one year now, and we have never regretted the decision.

Kah Yen & her Popo

She follows your feeding and nap routines diligently; even if it means she has to change her own activities to fit into yours.

She cooks porridge for you for three hours, and she insist on cooking it fresh for every meal.

She takes out all the toys she kept for her grandchildren. You have more toys at her place than at home.

She hand-washes your clothes everyday.

She gives you a warm shower and makes you smell really good before Mummy picks you up everyday.

She brings you to see doctor when you are not feeling well and Daddy/Mummy can’t come back in time.

She is the one assures Daddy/Mummy everything is normal when you are sick and we are overly concerned.

She also gives assurance to Daddy/Mummy when we have questions about your development/milestones. She never had one negative comment about your growth, she always believes you are thriving.

She bought you nice dress on your birthday.

Her son, who always comes to pick up her primary school going daughter in the evening, plays with you and buys you toys and clothes. He said you make him want to have one more child.

Her daughter, who works in Hong Kong, bought you winter clothes when she knows you are going back to China for Chinese New Year. She brought you gifts as well when she comes back.

Her two grandsons, they are back from Hong Kong and now attend Kindergarten and come to her house in the afternoon. They simply adore you and always involve you in their play, as if you are their real MeiMei.

They always fight with each other when they are alone, but in front of you, they transform into really loving KorKor. Even their father is so surprised that he regretted he did not give them a little sister.

And many more…

We thank God for her and her family.

We thank God for you too, for we know that you have been a blessing to her too, in your own ways.



  1. Reading this post warms my heart. You have found such a wonderful nanny for your girl!

    P.S: Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Hi Ing,

    I have been reading your posts the past one month or so ever since I got to know your blog. I like your sharings, really not easy to be a SAHM for 3 children, you are doing great.