Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kah Yen turns 16-month old

Kah Yen turned 16-month old last Sunday. She is still on the bridge from babyhood to toddlerhood. She is taking her own sweet time and I am happily enjoying the last bit of her babyhood.

She is much more babbling now. She is exposed to both English and Chinese from young. She speaks more than just a few words now. Some of her vocabulary includes:

-    BaBa, MaMa, KorKor, JieJie, ShuShu, BaoBao (Chinese for Daddy, Mummy, Older brother, Older sister, Uncle and Baby)
-         MaoMao, MaMa, GouGou (Chinese for Cat, Horse and Dog), Duck Duck
-         Hua (Chinese for flower), Star and XinXin (Chinese for Star), Zou (Chinese for walk), Xiexie (Chinese for Thank you)
-         She also uses sign language for fish and bird, happy and sad (her own version), and sleep

Truly babies can understand much more than what they can talk. In terms of understanding, she always surprises me. She can point to most of her body parts including difficult ones like shoulder and knee. She knows a lot of things in our house because almost every night I carry her to say Good Night to the entire house. Every time I bring her to the park, she will point at trees, flowers, grass, lampposts and wait for me to say their names. She also understands some simple instructions that we use often during feeding, changing and playing with her.

She has a whole lot of sound effects. I think we probably have over done it with her. Other than the usual animal sounds, we make a lot of very exaggerating sound effects and she picks up lots of them. She surely looks like a litter chatterbox to us.

She is very playful on her own ways. She likes to play the shadow game on the wall with her hand. Her recent favorite also includes bending down with her head and hands rested on the floor and her buttock up to the sky, she can hold for 2 minutes and giggles non-stop. We are gradually convinced that we can throw her into a ballet class once she turns 2.  She likes to play “throwing the ball” game with us. She might be a good basketball player when she grows up, but I am not too sure if I will be supportive of that.

Her temperament is relatively mild. She does not throw tantrum very often, but she does cry or kick and arch her back if we take something away from her, or force her to leave the playground, or put her in the stroller when she wants to be carried. I hope these are just typical toddler behaviors. I always pray that she will be a gentle, kind and sweet girl when she grows up.

She is not walking on her own yet, but I see it happening soon.

Who says this is only for adults? I want to exercise too

I am a big girl now. Look! I can slide down

Is this a new toy for me?

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