Monday, 26 March 2012

The Teh family studio's very first baby shot

When Kah Yen turned one year old last November, we thought of going for some studio baby shots. After finding out that a set of three photos can cost as much as $500, we decided to go for the Teh family studio.

The Teh family studio is located right in our living room. The photographer is none other than the other very famous character of the household - Daddy. The camera is at least 6 years old and has been collecting dust for the past 1 year or so. The lighting system is cheap and natural - comes in right from the window.

All set, and Kah Yen just woke up from her nap and insisted on going under the limelight with her sleeping buddies.

So here are some test shots, as you can see she has not changed her clothes yet. Turned out these are the photos we like the most because she has the biggest smile we have ever seen.

Come and meet Baby Pooh and Tigger

Off she went to look for her toys while not forgetting to check out the camera.

Why is Daddy following me with this giant black monster thing?

And finally comes the real business. Our intention is to get her to sit beside her birthday cake and look at the camera - one of the standard first birthday shots that you will show your children and grand children and great grand children. As it turned out, she was too distracted by her first cake and all the photos are like this:

My first birthday cake? It's all mine now!

Some final attack to the poor birthday cake.

Now it's time for me to eat the cake

That's it. We enjoyed the shooting session but we were thinking for our next baby, we better go to a real studio in order to have a complete piece of cake for ourselves at the end.


  1. Such a good girl she is! Whenever I try to take Sophia's photos she just tries to grab the big black monster :(

    1. Every baby is so different. I try to make silly noises or use a very exciting tone so that her attention is on me and not the camera/phone I am holding, but it also lasts less than 5 seconds only. So actually every photo you see here, another dozen is deleted coz they are not usable :-(

      Also we try not to use our iphone too often when we are with her, so she is not really interested in my phone.