Monday, 19 March 2012

Not exactly an outing

When you have a baby or a young toddler (by young I mean he or she still takes 2 naps a day), going out can be a big challenge until going down to the park right behind your block can also be called an outing sometimes.

That’s what happens to us. Going out during weekends is a big project that requires intense discussion and planning at least 2 days in advance, and don’t ever forget backup plans, which are equally important too.

We are quite particular about Kah Yen’s naps and bedtime routines, so during her first year, we always try to go out after her afternoon nap and make sure we come back in time for her bedtime. And her bedtime routine starts at 8pm! That means we only have around 3 hours and we do not own a car! Imagine how difficult it is. Sometime I feel we might as well stay at home to avoid the unnecessary stress, but going out for a fresh air is good for the baby as well as for us. Sometimes more for us because it can be much more challenging to keep the baby entertained throughout the day without losing our sanity.  

There are times we have to totally abandon our plan because Kah Yen wakes up too late from her afternoon nap. Many times we spend more than two thirds of the time on the road and one third of it on the place we went. Sometime by the time we reach the destination, we have not done what we planned to do then it is dinnertime, so we just eat and turn back.

Last Saturday is one of those days.

We planed to visit the toy store to get Kah Yen a new toy after lunch, something we wanted to do ever since her first birthday! However, she woke up in the morning with a mild running nose. After her playtime in the morning we give her some syrup then put her down for a nap. She slept all the way till 3pm. After her late lunch we figured we couldn’t bring her to the shopping center with air conditioning. Backup plans? Botanic garden but it is a bit too far. East Coast Park? Not too near either and the wind may be a bit too strong for a sick baby. Community Library? Library is also air-conditioned and it is even colder than shopping center. Looks like the only option is the park that’s three blocks away? But we went there everyday from Mon to Fri.

So in the end we decided we will push her for a 30 minutes walk to the library and back without going into the library. The husband will go in to borrow some new videos for our Sat night while we wait outside.
Not exactly an outing but guess what? We all enjoyed it. Nice weather and scenery, slow walk, ice cream on the way, chitchats and occasional giggles, and without having to rush – simple pleasures we have learnt to savor after becoming parents.


  1. I can sooo relate to everything you described in this post. Story of a parent's life isn't it? And yes, learning to appreciate simple pleasures is one of the greatest lessons I learnt from being a mum.

  2. Hi Sophia,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes about those outings, good to know that I am not alone. I am really looking forward to her turning 18-mth, coz that's about the time she will drop her morning nap, so we will have plenty time to bring her outdoor