Thursday, 17 May 2012

Just because Mummy is not artistic

Does not mean that we can’t do some art activities together. After we bought crayon and color pencils for Kah Yen, she fell in love with scribbling on papers. During weekdays we usually let her sit on her highchair and draw while we have our dinner. (She takes her dinner at Nanny’s place)

Our dinner is just a short 20 minutes. We hardly have anytime to draw together with her, but occasionally we will. And one of her favorite things is tracing hands – she put her hand on the table and we will trace it with a color pencil. We of course start by showing her how to trace our own hands.

Kah Yen and Daddy's hands

Hand and other stuff

Daddy is the one drawing with her most of the time, because Mummy doesn’t know how to draw. Ok. Did you see the sun, or the moon, or the stars in the picture? If you saw them, great! Because they are drawn by Mummy and if you can see them, it says that at least they are recognizable.

Yes, that’s how bad I am in drawing, or anything artistic. I am totally not an artistic person. And that explains why I still don’t have a header picture for my blog! I have never attended a single art class in my whole life. I have never made a birthday card or a scrapbook before, not even a slightly personalized photo album. Going to art museum is hardly my favorite activity because other than saying “WOW, that’s great stuff!” I honestly do not know what else to do. It is not easy, nor it is fun to stare at a picture and pretend you know how to appreciate it, esp. if it is categorized under contemporary art.

But I always get bowled over by people who are artistic, they are not artists but they can draw, or paint or make beautiful stuff. Deep in my heart I always hope I can be like one of them. I think it is one of those childhood dreams that will come back and linger in my heart once in a while. Now as a parent, I am always impressed by mothers who can do art activities with their young kids at home. I don’t think I am less good a mother just because I can’t, but I do think it makes them look like super mums.

Ok. Just because I am not artistic, does not mean that we can’t do some art activities together. It is still a good time for us to bond and have fun, except that at the end of it I may not have a piece to show here or to hang on the living room wall. But who cares? That's not the most important thing right?

And you guessed right. I am going to send Kah Yen to art class once she is big enough. No, it is not so that she can help me fulfill my childhood dream.

And don’t be surprised if you ever find Mummy in the classroom next door! Who said Mummy is too old to learn something new?


  1. The next Picasso in the making!

    1. Picasso is born not trained talent! I don't know yet if Kah Yen is born with any artistic genes, so far I can't tell from the few lines she scribbled! We shall see :-)

  2. That's a really good idea of something simple and fun to do.

    1. Hi Elaine,are you refering to the tracing hands? Yes I think so too. It is a good start to show them the idea of drawing on a paper.