Thursday, 24 May 2012

Amen and God loves you...


We have always included Kah Yen in our dinner even though she already had hers at Nanny's place. We will sit her around our dining table and start the dinner with a prayer. Ever since she started to utter her first sound at 5 or 6-month old, I always tell her to say Amen after our prayer, even though I know she can't. After she turned one, sometimes she would say it when I asked, but many times she was just playing with the toys on her highchair.

Not until recently she started to say "Amen' automatically. When I said "In Jesus's name we pray", she would say "Amen" followed by a cheeky grin, the "Did I just say that? I know it is too cute but I can't help it" kind of smile.

The cutest part is sometimes when I start saying "Ok, come Kah Yen, let's pray together." she will straightaway say "Amen"!. Husband and I can't help laughing and we thought maybe this is what is being said about childlike faith - claiming it before you even start prayer. :-)

"God loves you, Jesus loves you, and ..."

As a Christian family we also make sure we pray for her each night before she sleeps. It usually happens after I put her on her baby cot. And I end my prayer in the same way everyday, which is "God loves you, Jesus loves you, Daddy loves you, Mummy loves you...." followed by all other important people in her life. I think she knows what it means because everytime when I am saying this, she becomes extermely quiet as if she is receiving it in her heart.

Interestingly this is how our prayer ends recently.

Me: God loves you. Jesus loves you. and... (Before I can say any further, I am interruppted)

KahYen: Baba!

Me: Yes, Baba loves you too.

KahYen: Mama!

Me: Yes, Mama loves you too.

KahYen: Popo! (Her Nanny)

Me: Yes, Popo loves you too.

KahYen: Gorgor!

Me: Yes, GorGor loves you too.

KahYen: Jiejie

Me: Yes, Jiejie loves you too.

KahYen: Ah Ma! (Grandma)

Me: Yes, Ah Ma loves you too.

KahYen: Ah Gong! (Grandpa)

Me: Yes, Ah Gong loves you too.

KahYen: Ah Chou! (Great grandma)

Me: Yes, Ah Chou loves you too.

Note that Ah Ma, Ah Gong, Ah Chou live in Malaysia and KahYen only went there twice since she was born. The last time was when she was 16-month old. But she remembers all of them.

And of course her favorate is Daddy and usually this is how it ends.

KahYen: Baba Baba!!

And she will suddenly climb up her bed and look at the direction of the door, as if saying "Where is Baba? I am going to sleep and where is my Baba? How can he forget me?"

This is what I will say.

Me: Yes, KahYen, Baba loves you, and he already kissed you good night just now in the living room, remember?

And she would give me the expression "Oh Yes, I forget about it" and then lie down on her own and hug her Baby Pooh and turn her back to me.

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