Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kah Yen's CNY China trip in pictures

I have not written anything about our CNY China trip yet. I was flipping through the photos yesterday, and instead of writing about the journey hassle, the challenges of adjusting to cold weather, the milk-pumping and the falling-sick episode, I am just going to share about some of the memorable moments for Kah Yen in pictures.

This is Kah Yen sleeping peacefully in a baby basket on a SQ slight to Bei Jing. We took the 9am morning flight, reached Bei Jing at 3pm. Kah Yen had her breakfast in the airport, morning nap and lunch on the plane.

We didn't have any time to take photos at Bei Jing international airport. The transfer from the international terminal to domestic is so troublesome we ended up missing our transit flight. After paying for 2 more full fare tickets and waited for 3 hours, we finally boarded the plane to Wu Han and reached our hotel at an unearthly hour - 11pm. Everybody was exhausted, and Kah Yen already started to have running nose because of the cold weather and lack of good nap.

We rested in the hotel till noon the next day. This is Kah Yen finally came down to the hotel lobby, fully geared up in winter clothes and ready to set off for the remaining journey. Poor baby looked so tired.

This is Kah Yen at MacDonald waiting for our 3pm inter-city bus. All the earlier bus tickets were sold out, we had to wait for 3 hours. Thankfully the heater and the french fries made her much better.

We finally reached home at 8pm. It was so good to be home. Our family and relatives warmly welcomed us back. Home cooked food was waiting for us, and Grandma had cooked porridge for Kah Yen too.

This is Kah Yen sleeping like an angel at home, after 2 long days on the road. Thank God for keeping her safe and sound.

This is Kah Yen back to her cheerful and playful self after warming up with the place and the people. She loved her walker, we don't use one in Singapore, but it proved handy and useful in winter China because it prevented her from crawling on the cold floor.

This is her cousin "RuYi KorKor", who doted her a lot. He loved playing together with her in the front yard.

And teaching her how to ride a baby bike.

And taking photos with her. The boy on the left is Kah Yen's small uncle. He is only 6 years old but yes he is Kah Yen's uncle. A smart boy who likes to eat and talk.

And this is Kah Yen's cousin "Xuanxuan JieJie", who is only 5 months older than her.

And who is never shy in front of the camera.

Who liked to play with Kah Yen too.

And one day both went to the town for shopping together, or rather for a helicopter ride, while the adults were busy checking out roadside BBQ.

The days went much slower in a winter country side but still two weeks had come to an end. In between Kah Yen had fever and diarrhea for a few days. She lost almost 2kg of weight, as a result, she had sharper chin and double-lid eyes. 

Thank God the return trip was much easier because my brother drove us all the way to the airport, we also had enough transit time to catch our connecting flight. We took a midnight flight back to Singapore, both us and Kah Yen did not rest very well but thankfully, we were back safely and she recovered in 3 days.


  1. 2kgs! Poor girl...

    1. Yes Elaine. It really hurt me so much to see her fall sick. She was not cruising, not even crawling when we were finally back to Singapore. Thanksfully she recovered fast.

  2. Nice pictures of all the kids wrapped like dumplings!

  3. Hi Liz, Yes they all look like dumplings and China dolls (with apple red cheeks) in winter. Carrying them and changing their diapers can be a big hassle though with so many layers of clothes they have!