Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Mother's Day gift from the bottom of my baby's heart (foot)?

Just yesterday I was saying that we did not have any Mother's Day celebration except I received two lovely books from my husband.

This morning I opened my bag and I saw this card.

Ok. Technically it is still chosen, bought and written by my husband. BUT, check out the blue watermark print, can you guess what is it? Yes it is the footprint of my 17-month old daughter. And the card is signed off as "From your husband, and your sweet Kah Yen (see footprint)".

I don't suppose my 17-month old daughter went to my husband and said "Daddy, let's make a card for Mummy for Mother's day, I don't know how to write yet so you will write and I will do some prints on it." You won't believe it. I won't believe either.

It's my husband's idea. And he said the original plan is to print Kah Yen's hands but she loves cleanliness and refuses to "dirty" her hands. :-)

I love the footprint. It just reminds me how from a baby Kah Yen started to toddle in the last two months and how fast she is emerging as a little walking, talking and exploratory person with a mind and personality of her own. She is growing up so fast and I treasure every moment I can walk alongside with her and see her grow.

And making a 17-month old contribute to a Mother's day card, what a creative and sweet idea he has. A big thank you to my husband for the special card and the words of appreciation written by him.

A special mother's day card

From my husband and my daughter (see footprint)

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