Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sunglasses effect

Like most other babies, Kah Yen is always interested in Mummy's glasses and takes every opportunity to touch it, push it or grab it when it is within reach.

Partly Mummy is to be blamed. When she was a younger baby I used to push my glasses up and down my nose to play "Pee-A-Boo" with her. It is a silly game I know but we both had a lot of fun playing it. And when she was about one year old, I taught her the names of different part of the face. I asked her to point to the part on my face when I named it, she was very good at it. As for eyes, she would insist on pushing up my glasses so that she can touch Mummy's eyes.

However, having her constantly interested in my glasses is not always "So Cute". And although so far accident has not happened yet, I figure it is wise to divert her attention away from my glasses once and for all. Just the other day I saw my sunglasses in the drawer filled with other unwanted or not-so-often touched things, so why not let her have it for herself to satisfy her curiosity, and hopefully, she will find my glasses plainly boring forever after.

I was right. Check out the photos for the sunglasses effect yourself.

Sunglasses effect


  1. Hi there, discovered your blog thru another mommy's blog and I've really enjoyed reading your posts! You write with clarity and sincerity and most of all you sound like a great mom who tries her best for her little one.

    I'm a first-time mom with a 7 mth old and I can relate to some of the feelings and anxieties you have for your girl.

    Anyway just wanted to send you this note to say I think you're doing a great job, both with your blog and your daughter. Take care :)

    1. Hi ACM,

      Thanks very much for your nice and kind words. I am really encouraged. I started this blog more as a personal online journal for myself and my daughter, so I try to keep it simply, sincere and positive. I did not expect many people will visit my blog, so I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading it.

      Thanks for saying that I am doing a great job. There are so many things to learn in parenthood, I am still learning everyday.:-)

      I hope you are doing great too as a first-time mom.