Monday, 10 December 2012

You and Me

We all know toddlers take some time to figure out how to use pronouns such as "you", "me", "I", "he" and "she". The book says they only master them between the age of two-and-a-half to three. The book is probably true, for Kah Yen is still very much confused by her pronouns.

Talking about "me", I thought she is good since I have taught her to sing "Jesus loves me this I know" and also "Good is so good to me" with a pat on the heart everytime it comes to the word "me", and she follows. But then the other day when I did a funny face to make her laugh and she wanted me to do it again, she kept saying "Mummy show you! Mummy show you!" Sigh...

She didn't quite get her "you" right either, though she can follow us saying "God bless you", I guess it is just a phrase to her. When she woke up from her nap and couldn't find her Daddy, she kecame to me and asked "Where is your Daddy? Where is your Daddy?" I had to hold on my laughing and resist answering her "My Daddy is in China. How about yours?" LOL.

I correct her by saying "You mean where is my Daddy?" and here is what happened after.

Kah Yen: "Where is my Daddy?"

Me: "Your Daddy is in the study room."

Kah Yen: "Where is my Mummy?"

Me: "Your Mummy is right here."

Kah Yen: "Where is my Kah Yen?"

Me: ...


Hold on. The good news is, she is learning to use her "I" correctly. Previously when she wants something, she either says "Kah Yen wants biscuit." or worse (and more often!) "Biscuit! Biscuit! Biscuit!" Look at what she says now:

Yesterday we were having lunch outside, I bought chicken rice for myself and minced meat congee for her, the moment I reached our table with the food. There she goes.

"I want porridge! I want rice! I want chicken! I want soup! I want I want I want!!!"

Opps, did I just say that it is a good news she has learnt to use her "I"? I apologize I have made a mistake.


  1. Sophia's also going through the same phase! She was saying "This one for my" for a while but now is saying "This one for me" and "I want to sit stroller" but whether she fully gets the concepts I'm never quite sure. Oh and she hasn't really said "Sophia" yet. Its really exciting watching them learn isn't it? We should bring Kah Yen and Sophia out for a playdate someday! If you are also keen, that is.

    1. Yes it is exciting to watch them learn, I am glad I have this little space here to document her growth and her learning. Sophia is growing up at lightning speed by the way! I enjoyed seeing her grow through your blog. Let's take them out after the holiday season is over? I hope they will make friends :-)

  2. I always find Kah Yen and Sophia have so many similarities, its like I read your blog and I can roughly figure out what Sophia will be doing in a couple of months. Yes, lets arrange for some outing after the holiday season. I can't wait to see them together, it will be so cute!