Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A special Christmas concert

Children with special needs always have a special place in my heart. Well, I didn't really work with any or encounter many in my life. Maybe it's because of the movie "I am Sam" - a touching story of an autisic single father fighting for the custody of his normal daughter, or because of the book "A friend like Henry" - a powerful story of a mother's struggle to break into the world of her autistic son and how a dog changed everything, or because of the local blog I follow "Love and A leap of faith", or because of a few parents I know with special children - they always inspire me.

Or simply because I am a mum, because I see every child as a child, I see every child as unique and special.

On Monday night we had the privilege to attend a special Christmas concert for a group of Down Syndrome children. It is put up by parents and volunteers from the Singapore Down Syndrome Association. And all the props for the show are made by the children themselves. The lead singer is a local musician who is now teaching music to children with special needs.  I spent the first half of the concert clapping and singing along, and the second half trying to fight the tears coming off my eyes. It is one of the most special Christmas concert I have ever attended.

Children tossing "snow"during the concert

Choir singing and children dancing with their stars

Santa Claus has come to town early

I can't post the photos of the children without the permission of their parents. But, trust me, they are all angels.

As for Kah Yen, she fixed her eyes on the center of the room (which is also the stage) the moment we entered the concert. She refused to sit on the chair or our lap throughout the concert. Instead, she stood on the staircase, clapping and laughing along with the audience, and swinging her body and head whenever the music is on. For a moment I heard her screaming and cheering too, I think I am pretty sure she has gotten my genes.

This girl likes concert

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