Friday, 28 December 2012

Almost grown up

Kah Yen is going to Sentosa island today, without Daddy and Mummy.

She is going there with our Nanny and her entire big family, including one grandparent, four parents, two Korkors and one Jiejie. The Korkors and Jiejie are the one play with Kah Yen every afternoon when they come back from school and also every day for the June and December holidays. Now they are all going back to school next week, Kah Yen is also going to preschool, so the two families decide to bring them all out to Sentosa, to have a ball of time before they go back to school and also part their ways.

To worry about Kah Yen is totally unnecessary, she is so close to her Korkors and Jiejie she would follow them whereever they go, and cry when they leave her behind. Both Korkor and Jiejie's parents also dot Kah Yen a lot, they buy her toys and pretty clothes very often. And their Popo is both patient and affectionate towards the kids. I have no issue with them bringing Kah Yen out.

But, being the first time mum, the compulsive mum anxiety still kicked in this morning. I woke up early to pack her bag, even though I know our Nanny will pack for her. I wrote down a list of things to bring and check on every one of them, as if she is going to her Primary 3 summer camp for the first time. She is just going out for one day!

Kah Yen on the other hand, had no anxiety of any sort at all. She woke up jolly as usual, and when Daddy reminded her she is going to Sentosa today, she is all smiling. To make sure she knows exactly what is going to happen for the day, I asked her a few questions.

"Where is Kah Yen going today?"

 "Sentosa!" (as if she really knows what Sentosa is)

"Where is Sentosa?"

"... ..." (silence)

"Sentosa is an island where you can have lots of fun. Now who is going with Kah Yen?"

"Popo, Korkor and Jiejie!"

"Are uncle and aunty going with you?"


"Is Daddy going with you?"


"Is Mummy going with you?"


Alright. Passed. I think it is safe to say she knows what's going to happen. And the fact that Daddy and Mummy are not going with her seems to bother her little, to my relief.

I then gave her my usual hug and kiss and told her I am going to work.

"Mummy is going to work! Byebye Mummy, Byebye!" Never before she had said "Byebye" to me in such an enthusiastic tone. I think if she is more expressive, this is exactly what she will say:

"Byebye Mummy, quickly go to work! I am going to Sentosa to have some fun yeah. Bye!"

I think this girl has, almost grown up.

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