Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas in the sky

We brought Kah Yen to Singapore flyer on Christmas day.

Well, it all started from a flip-the-flap book I read to her on county fair a while ago. On the book there were a big wheel and a hot air balloon. She asked to take hot air balloon, I told her she couldn't because there wasn't any in Singapore. To make her feel better, I told her there is a big wheel called "Singapore flyer" in Singapore and we will take her there one day. I am thinking the one day will come only when she is 3 or 4-year old.

But everytime we read the book again, she will ask me "Kah Yen is going to big wheel yah?" And everytime I have to say "Yes, we are going there really soon". They say parents should not promise young children too easily, I learnt my lesson!

It so happened the husband saw some charity booth selling Singapore flyer tickets at S$10 each, so he bought six tickets. We went there with another family with two older children.

Kah Yen totally enjoyed it. I was afraid that she might be fearful of height, but nothing of that sort. In fact it is probably one of the safest places in the sense I can close my eyes and do not have to worry she runs into danger, 'coz there is no place to run to. The moment we stepped into the cabin, she started running and jumping around, pointing and shouting the names of things she knows. She also followed Korkor and Jiejie whereever they go and acted like a big girl. I can't even get here to stand still and take a decent photo. 

Inside Singapore flyer

I am so high I better squat down

Like a big girl

I have been to Singapore flyer once before and I thought I would never go up again for my lifetime. Come on, isn't it boring for us adults? But with the children, that 30 minutes felt just too short.

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