Thursday, 6 December 2012

The prayer of a two-year old

I still remembered when my friend posted on Facebook the first prayer of her then two-year old daughter on Good Friday. And here it goes:

"Dear Jesus, in Jesus's name I pray, Amen!"

So cute! Isn't that the simplest and funniest prayer you have ever heard? Guess it is Good Friday so it is all about Jesus yah.

Kah Yen has not learnt to pray on her own yet. But we include her when saying grace before every meal and also we pray for her everynight at bedtime. So it is not surprising when I try to teach her how to pray she can repeat after me line by line, with her hands clasped, her eyes closed and her head bowed. Here is our prayer:

"Dear God,

I love you.

Thank you for loving me.

Please bless Popo,

Bless Korkor,

Bless Jiejie,

Bless Aunty,

Bless Daddy,

Bless Mummy!"

She followed me so far, then I came to a pause because my mind was thinking whether to continue with more names or to end here, afraid her attention might not last too long. And while I was thinking, Kah Yen shouted loudly:

"Bless Kah Yen, Amen!"

She just ended the prayer on her own. And I didn't even realize I forgot to include her name but she noticed and added it herself. 

How sweet to hear our children pray to God at a young age. How pleasant it is when from the lips of children and infants come forth praises.

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