Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dora girl

I forgot since when, Kah Yen suddenly became a Dora girl.

She must have learnt about Dora from the big boys at our nanny's place, that's how she got to know Angry Bird too. (The boys have an iPad!) From that day, she will point and call Dora whenever she sees one. Interestingly, she calls "DoDoDora" instead of "Dora", and the way she calls it is so cute that everybody else at out house and our nanny's house now calls it "DoDoDora", exactly the same way everyone ended up calling Baby Pooh "Ah Pooh" one year ago.

So now she wears a Dora T-shirt, she carries a Dora school bag, she just received a Dora water bottle for her birthday, and she only reads Dora the Explorer flip-the-flap books while in the library.

Dora girl
Dora girl

The interesting part is, Mummy knows nothing about Dora. Well I know she is a children character that little girls like, but who is she, where does she come from and what she does, I have no idea. So the other day I asked the husband.

"Is Dora a Chinese?"

"No, you don't know? She is a Latino, of Spanish origin." He gave me that look as if I am from another planet.

"But how can she have straight and dark hair if she is a Latino? She looks exactly like a Chinese doll." I was not easily beaten by that look.

"Her hair is dark brown, and straight hair because they want to keep the illustration simple." He replied as if he is an expert.

"What does she do?"

"You mean you have never heard of Dora before?" He was amazed.

"Well, it is just a generation gap." I murmured and turned my eyes to something else. I mean generation gap between me and Kah Yen, not me and him.

The next morning I went to wikipedia to get myself acquainted with Dora. Dora is a little explorer, a curious girl. She is always positive. She doesn't hold grudge against anybody. She gives others chances. She values her family. She is fond of Boots the monkey. She enjoys sports. She is also skilled at playing a wooden flute.

I was totally bowled over by Dora. She is such a positive character for Kah Yen to follow as compared to others. Hello Kitty is over consumerised. Barbie lacks character. Disney Princesses are too fairy. Mickey mouse simply draws children in front of the TV for hours.

Dora TV series is too old to be found. Plus there are a whole bunch of Dora the Exlorer books for me to read to her. If she can't learn anything from Dora, at least she may grow to love reading books.

So I am just going to enjoy her being a Dora girl.


  1. Was Ah Pooh a year ago already? It felt like yesterday I was reading about her searching for Ah Pooh in the playground!

    1. Yes Ah Pooh was one of her first words at about one year old. How time flies! I am so glad that I have this blog space (or online journal as I prefer to call it) to record down her growth and developments - all the precious memories!