Wednesday, 14 November 2012

iLoveSingapore Walk 2012

Love is going the extra mile to show you care.

We brought Kah Yen to the iLoveSingapore Walk 2012 last Saturday at Marina Bay Waterfront. It is an annual charity event organized by TOUCH Community Services and participated by the LoveSingapore network of churches. 

Bringing Kah Yen out for a walk with thousands of others is definitely one great way to spend a beautiful morning. The 3km walk is right at the city center, with Singapore river, the new MBS hotel and the beautiful city skyline right in front of us. 



We needed to be there by 7am, so we had to wake Kah Yen up at 630am, one hour earlier than her usual timing. She cried and refused to get up when we tried to wake her, but when we told her we were bringing her out for a walk, she immediately jumped up. Babies really love to go out.

We were waiting for the walk to start. Kah Yen was very excited by the helium balloons flying up to the sky.

Daddy carrying Kah Yen on his shoulder.

Two balloons, two children.

Singapore river just starting to wake up.

We passed by many interesting places. Kah Yen was especially drawn to the merlion, the boats and the many Christmas tree decorations along the riverside. 

I hope we have more chances to bring Kah Yen to participate in such events in the future. It is both fun and meaningful.

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