Friday, 16 November 2012

A big girl in the making

Last night I was not at home. Husband sent me a few photos after puttting Kah Yen to bed. Before I click open the small image icon on my "WhatsApp" window, I wonder who that girl was. It was different from my baby.

I opened the images and I saw a big girl in front of me.

First time her hair was tied, by our nanny. I am a little bit guilty I am not the first one tying her hair. I have a girly girl at hand yet it can't motivate the old lazy me to start like shopping and appreciate more girly stuff. Gotta change!

Then first time she was carrying a big girl bottle. My nanny's daughter bought this pink bottle for her - something every big girl will have, from the age of 2 till they go to primary school. I am ashamed to say that I still let Kah Yen use her Pigeon Mag Mug Step 3 straw cup. And it is blue. I can't find any other colors when I bought the cup.

A big girl in the making

A big girl in the making

On another note, she can't wait to go to school, 'coz she sends her two big Korkor to their school bus every day. Now she insists on carrying her school bag to our nanny's place everyday.

I hope she will be fully prepared when we finally send her to school next January, to save her some tears and me some heartache moments.

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