Monday, 19 November 2012

It takes only three to make a party

It is Kah Yen's 2nd birthday this weekend. We did not plan a big party. It is going to be just Daddy, Mummy and Kah Yen. But on Friday Daddy had the idea of having a mini celebration at our Nanny's place before we pick her back, since her family had managed to find out about her birthday and have already bought her various birthday gifts one week ago.

Our nanny's children are married and live on their own, only two grandsons and one granddaughter come to the house every afternoon after school. They are the Korkor and Jiejie who play with Kah Yen everyday.

We bought a mini cake, a slice of cake to be exact, since it is dinner time for the children.

Jiejie had after-school activity so only the two boys were at home with Kah Yen. When we reached, we saw the two boys sitting at the bench chair drawing on a piece of paper each, Kah Yen was also doodling beside them. My nanny had told them to make birthday cards for Kah Yen and that's what they were doing. How sweet!

When I opened the cake box, the boys shouted "Wow, so small!" Kids being kids, they say what they see, even if that embarrasses you. The size of the cake did nothing to change their party mood though, when the candle was lighted, they clapped and sang "Happy Birthday" song the loudest.
They didn't just sing, they screamed their lungs out.

They cut the cake into all sorts of shapes and laughed at their own creation.
They gave you their biggest smile in front of the camera.

They hugged and kissed Meimei like there is no tomorrow one minute, the next they ran right into her as if she is invisible.

They presented their birthday cards right onto your face.

They did an impromptu "Gangnam Style" dance and was toally pissed when I don't know what is 'Gangnam Style".

They forgot it is not their own birthday.

Before we reached husband told me to use my high pitch voice to create the party atmosphere, the minute we stepped in the house, we found I was totally redundant.

It takes only three children to make a party.

Kah Yen is 2

It's cake time
I love meimei

Happy birthday meimei

Popo and the children

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