Thursday, 8 November 2012

If I ran the zoo

I still remember when Kah Yen first learnt to stack up wooden blocks on her own, we were so happy and I even wrote a post on this "From the little destroyer to the little builder". I wish to say that from then on her building skill soars and we already have an architect in the making, but that's not the truth. On and off she played with her building blocks but nothing more than stacking up a few pieces and knocking them down. With limited imagination, her attention on building blocks remains short-lived, it can hardly sustain for more than 5 minutes if we let her play alone.

I was almost going to pack up the building blocks and buy her some more "fantasical" toys - toys that talk, sing, perhaps even dance with you, toys with a lot of buttons to press and lots of lights to blink, toys that say "come play with me" whever they are left alone for more than 5 minutes - hoping that she can thus be buried in her toys for a good one-hour on average!

Then out of sudden, one day, when Daddy wanted to play building blocks with Kah Yen and she only wanted to play with her miniature animal figures, they had a new idea - using the building blocks to build a zoo for all her animals.

And from then on, building blocks becomes the must-play activity before bedtime. And their imagination soars from here. Each time, Daddy let Kah Yen choose which animals she want to send in the zoo, which animal should be guarding the gate, what color blocks she want for the door, sometimes the animals have to cross a bridge to go in, sometimes they need to take a boat, sometimes monkey stands on the rooftop because there is no more space ......

They could be on it for a good 30 minutes each time and I have to send multiple reminders in order to get her to the bedroom.

I wish their creativity never stops here, maybe one day they will give me enough inspiration to write our own version "If I ran the zoo", maybe we can even beat Dr. Seuss, just maybe.

Build a zoo using building blocks

Build a zoo using building blocks

Build a zoo using building blocks

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