Wednesday, 18 April 2012

From the little destroyer to the little builder

We first introduced Kah Yen to wooden blocks after her first birthday. Ever since then we jokingly gave her the nickname 'The little destroyer" between ourselves.

Mostly Daddy will be the one building blocks with her since he has more creative genes than Mummy. Kah Yen loves to knock them down instantly, followed by an exaggerated "Ai Yahhhhh" and an unstoppable laughter. Glad that this game makes her so happy! Sometimes Daddy will try to protect his tower by blocking her and she will try to get through him, they can laugh and play this non-stop.

This photo is to prove it.

Knock, Knock...Knock the tower that Daddy has built

But, book says blocks are supposed to encourage their innate creativity and improve fine and gross motor skills. How come I do not see any of these happening?

Then out of a sudden, yesterday, after knocking down Daddy's tower, she grabbed the wooden blocks and started to stack up one by one. She did it so fast it almost looks like she is already an expert on this. We were completely surprised. Look at her expression, she looked so serious and focus!

Here are the towers Kah Yen has built.

Then as we clapped and cheered her on she built it taller and taller! This is the tallest she built so far. 11 blocks! Big Horay.

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