Monday, 30 April 2012

Big Splash @ East Coast Park

Since Kah Yen enjoys walking outdoor now, we brought her to the East Coast Park last Saturday. The weather is so hot these days, Daddy and Mummy can't wait to escaping from the house to get some sea breeze too.

The park is definitely lovely to her. There are so many dogs. She happily greeted each of them with her animated "Woof Woof". Some dogs greeted her back, others ignored her, but it did not affect her passion at all. Then there are a lot of birds, she loved to point at them. And bikes! Yes bikes are the latest object that intrigued her curious little mind.

She is scared of the sea and the sand though. Maybe it is the waves, or the sound of it, we don't know. We hope after a few more trips she will be warmed up enough to have some fun on the beach.

Kah Yen and Daddy admiring the sea and the beach from a distance

We did not plan to go to Big Splash at all. I have only been to it once or twice for either using the toilet or getting a drink. It hardly left any impression on me. I heard it was a popular water theme park, but I have never seen it's glorious days. Anyway, we entered the park through Area C, since the Macdonalds and other restaurants at Area C are torn down, we decided to head to Big Splash to have our dinner.

We were at Carl's Junior. Since I have alreay fed Kah Yen before our order came. I passed her some french fries just to keep her occupied on her seat. I thought she probably will find it too hard to bite, but I was wrong! Check out how happy french fries made her!

Thank you for the french fries Mummy!

See how easily contented I am!
 I told the husband "Look, all human beings are naturally drawed to oily junk food, maybe it is our sinful nature." Husband said I am always overgeneralizing. :-(

On our way we saw some families taking the family bikes. It looks good for families with babies or toddlers, since there are small seats in the front. It looks more stable and safer than double bike for a start. It comes with 2 or 4 adults seats. I think we are definitely going to try it the next time, since Kah Yen loves bikes so much.

Family bikes at East Coast Park

There is also a indoor playhouse called " LilliPutt and Chiltern House", we did not go in but it looked fun from outside. The outdoor Playground @ Big Splash is quite big and young children can enjoy the rides. I think overall it is a lovely place for families. They have an event page here, you can check out if they have some special events.


Playground @ Big Splash

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