Monday, 30 April 2012

To Library, to Library to have a little fun

We bring Kah Yen to the library every two weeks to renew her books. It is a fun short trip that every family member likes because both Daddy and Mummy loves to read too, besides reading to Kah Yen.

Now that Kah Yen can walk independently. Library trip is much more exciting for her. She likes to walk and run about on the carpet floor, pull out books from the shelves, and play hide-and-seek with Daddy and Mummy using the book shelves.

Walking Walking, Walking Walking, Pa Pa Pa!
Running Running Running, Runing Running Running, now let's start!

Thank God she did not forget to check out the books at last.

Checking out baby books

Ok frankly if she only runs about in the library, I will get worried. Mumy's mission is to instill in her the love for books. My worry is totally not necessary. She has already loved picture books. Look, she is contented to sit there and flip through a book like a really big girl! 

Don't worry Mummy! I will read
As usual I brought back home about 5-6 picture books for Kah Yen. Everybody was happy after the library trip. And I was full of joy because I get to read Kah Yen new books again. Reading is the best thing we can ever give to our chilren. And for my family, the fornightly library trip is going to be one of the family traditions for a long long time.

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