Friday, 27 April 2012

She taught me how to laugh

These few days there is a lot of stress and chaos in my workplace. I have multiple projects that divide my attention and make me less efficient. I left work everyday feel exhausted and defeated.

And for a few days I have to knock off late due to ad-hoc meetings. I have shared before my after work schedule and Kah Yen’s evening routine. Knocking off late means I have no time to bring Kah Yen to the pack and playground – a precious time for us to play and for me to unwind after a day’s work. I can still make it in time to put her to bed, but after all the rush and exhaustion I just felt that I may be physically there but my mind is not.

That makes me feel worse and I am becoming emotional and depressed.

My daughter, oblivious of my faint smile and my less enthusiastic voice, is still her cheerful self and also her mischievous self.

Monday night, as usual I brought in a pail of warm water to the room to wipe and change her (She already had her shower at Nanny’s place before coming back), after I took off her clothes I realized that we have forgotten to fit back the mattress protector and bed sheet which were taken out to wash, so I put her on the floor, start to fit the bed sheet with the husband. While our eyes are away from her, she moved to the pail, dip her hand inside the water, pat on her own round tummy and said ‘HOT HOT”, when we look at her, she burst out into laughter, and give us that “I KNOW I SHOULD NOT DO IT BUT IT IS SO FUNNY DADDY MUMMY” face. Before we can say anything, she did it again – wet her hand, pat her tummy, and shout “HOT HOT”, and laughed and laughed. On and on she goes till we can’t help laughing together with her because her action and expression are really cute!

Tuesday night, while I was laying her on our bed and changing her. She suddenly called “Mama”, to which I replied “Emm?” She called again “Mama”, I replied again “Emm?”. She laughed. She called again “Maaa…Ma”, I replied “Emmmm…m?” I was trying to imitate her sound effect. She laughed again. She called at the top of her lung “MaMaaaaaaaa……”, I replied “Emmmmmmmm……?” She was so amused at this game that she burst out into a loud laughter, and I soon joined her. Later I tickled her; we both rolled on our bed and had a good laugh before I put her on her cot.

Wednesday night, I gave her some water just before lights off. She drank too fast and choked herself. There was some strange sound from her throat when she coughed. She laughed at herself for making the silly sound. Then this playful girl decided to make some more of these silly sound. And every time she did it again, she laughed non-stop. I tried to be silly and imitated her action. She laughed at me too. So we each took turn to make that silly sound, and our laughter soon filled the entire room.

That’s my playful, mischievous and adorable little girl. She taught me how to laugh when I forgot how. These short moments with her just before she sleep are the moments that brighten up my day. They brought joy back to my heart. 


  1. Hang in there, Mommy! It's always worth the while to come home to this!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement!Yes although every night I only spend one and a half hour with her (if I knock off on time), that's the best part of my day.