Thursday, 5 April 2012

If you like it and you know it ...... Kiss it

Ever since I taught Kah Yen to kiss Mummy at 6-month old, she has learnt to extend this passionate way of expressing love to everything she likes.

First and the worst victim is none other than her best friend Baby Pooh. She has kissed it from top to toe thousands times. Baby Pooh always smells of her generous saliva. Every few days the husband and I will discuss whether it is time to wash her Baby Pooh, because we are afraid that it will grow fungus. To wash her Baby Pooh we have to wait for her to fall asleep first then carefully take it away from under her arms, and make sure it will be dry by the early morning.

Baby and animals on her board books are also her lovers. When I read her "Peek-A-Boo Baby Faces", every page I turn, she will lower her head to kiss the baby. Same goes for "Farm Animals". In "Good Night Moon" the two lucky kittens always get her kisses, and in '"Where's my Teddy?" the giant big bear, despite my using an old man voice to make him sound scary, still get her True Love's kiss.

Of course she also likes her pretty, cute and adorable self so it is not a surprise that she has been kissing herself from the mirror. I forgot it started from which month, but she must have already recognized herself inside the mirror. Each time I carried her to the front of the mirror, her face turns into a happy smile, and she will lean towards the mirror and give herself a kiss. The two bear stickers I pasted on the mirror also get one each. I have learnt to make use of this golden opportunity to request one for myself, and my wish is always granted because our High Princess is in a good mood.

Okay I hope her passion stops right here and save her sweet kisses for her future brothers and sisters, and eventually the man of her life. I am wrong. When I brought her to the playground, I realized that her love is like a flood, covers every place it reaches. I was shocked when she gave the horse a kiss before she went for her horse ride, and also the tiny chiken, rabbit and horse on the animal race board. 'Don't kiss, these are dirty!' these words are already at the tip of my tongue but I swallowed it back. I guess to her is, if I like it and I know it, I will kiss it. Simple as that.


  1. So sweet! Sophia's way of expressing love is hugging. And if its something movable she'll hug and rotate her body back and forth. Don't think any of us taught her that. At least everyone denies having done so.

    1. That's so cute. I am trying to imagine her doing that. :-) Children are so much more expressive than adults and I think we should learn from them!