Wednesday, 17 April 2013

(Pregnancy) It's final enjoyable

I am finally starting to enjoy my pregnancy.

What? How could you say that? Some people might be reacting this way. How can you possibly not enjoy your pregnancy right from the start? I know, I must have sounded like a mother with no heart and no feelings. Here is a baby God has placed in my womb and it's the best gift ever, and I am not enjoying it.

Don't get me wrong. Of course we were happy, excited and thankful when we first learnt about the pregnancy. We love children and we have always known we want more than one, or maybe more than two. However, I have to be honest, the first three months of my pregnancy is hardly enjoyable. The feeling of excitement was soon replaced by days of fatigue, feeling of sickness and loss of appetite. It was a tough three months.

Now that my body feels much stronger and my appetite is back to normal. And there are other positive changes to the body and the hormones too. I am finally starting to enjoy my pregnancy.

Firstly it's the growing belly. I was not showing much during the first three months, now I can finally see and feel the baby bump. I love the sensation of touching and stroking it, it is a wonderful way to connect to the baby, physically and emotionally. 

Secondly it's the movement of the baby. I can't exactly feel the baby kick yet, but I can feel the movement of the water when I sit or lie down still and try to breath deeply. It is likely bubbles blowing inside my belly. Babycenter has more fancy words to describe it " popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, or butterflies fluttering". No matter it's the the bubbles, or the popcorn, or the goldfish, or the butterflies, it is a wonderful feeling. During my first pregnancy I only felt the baby movement at around 5-6 months, this time I am feeling it much earlier.

Now that I can feel the baby's presence stronger, I am also trying to spend more time to connect with it. During the pockets of break time in office, I'd close my eyes and lean back on my chair for 5-10 minutes, that's the time I feel the movement the most. Sometimes I play soft music using my handphone for the baby to hear. Another good time to connect with the baby is during the bus rides, I listen to soft music, with hands touching my belly and with my mind thinking of the baby. These are our uninterrupted time together. Once I am home it is all about dinner, Kah Yen and housework, and by the end of the day I'd be too tired to spend any quality time with the baby, I dose off the minute my head touches the pillow.

I didn't read to the baby yet, but every evening I read aloud the children's bible to Kah Yen, I think this can be counted as reading to the baby too. I am sure he/she can hear us.

I didn't talk to the baby yet, simply because it is weired if I do it outside, and when I am at home, I have no extra time and energy. I am trying to have an earlier bedtime for myself so that I can spend 10-15 minutes before I sleep to talk to or pray for the baby. We did this almost every night during my first pregnancy.

I secretly hope time will slow down so that I can enjoy my second trimester a little longer.


  1. I must agree that the first trimester can be mighty uncomfortable and really glad that you're enjoying the pregnancy now. I haven't congratulated you yet. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Elaine! I try to enjoy for now, before the sleepless nights kick in at 3rd trimester.