Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Growing up with Kah Yen and more

If you are trying to figure out what does the title of this post mean, it means I am pregnant with number two.

I have thought of many ways to break the news here, the straight-to-the-point way like ‘Hi, there, I am pregnant!” or the more mysterious way like “The beginning of another unexpected journey…” or the more bookish way like “What to expect when I am expecting again?” None of them seems suitable. I guess I am just a shy person when it comes to sharing personal things.

The other reason is also because I have chose the Chinese way of keeping the pregnancy to ourselves till the 3-month mark. Hence I am already into my 4th month of pregnancy. The initial excitement has already passed.

So that explains why I was so tired in the month of January when we were preparing to move to our new house; and why I felt sick terribly for nearly 2 weeks because the minute I was pregnant, my immune system gave up on me to protect the precious fetus; and why I almost gave up on Blogging in the month of February due to the physical fatigue and emotional mood swings (mostly down) caused by the pregnancy hormone changes.

Thank God those days are over. I was lucky I did not have morning sickness for both my pregnancies. But still, the fatigue and loss of appetite was worse this time, due to age, lack of exercise, and also the stress of looking after Kah Yen. While during the first pregnancy, I was preparing for my first marathon and running regularly at least 10km a week. I was at a proud young age of 26. And I don’t do anything at home but eat and sleep!

Anyway, now that I am into my second trimester, I felt so much better.

Hope the journey will continue to be smooth from now onwards.


  1. Hi Abby,

    Congratulations on your second pregnancy!
    Take good care & God bless you all.