Monday, 1 April 2013

Daddy Day Care

I spent the whole of Saturday in office. Kah Yen went to Daddy day care. In Daddy day care, there is no cook, no cleaner, no planned program to follow, the only principal cum teacher is none other than Kah Yen's Daddy himself.

In Daddy day care, the principal may be exhausted by the end of the day. The student? Definitely had loads of fun.

They went for cycling first thing in the morning.

They gave themselves a pancake feast at Macdonalds.

They were ready for the next stop when the stomach was satisfied.

They headed to Kah Yen's favorate place - the library. They never forgot to have some fun even at the entrance.

Library was our favorate place too. Library is a place we can let her break loose without worrying she is idling or getting into trouble, for she will always be surrounded by books.

They had lunch and then enjoyed some kiddy rides. I asked Daddy if the kiddy ride was a treat because she ate her lunch well. "No," said Daddy, "It is to let her be exhausted so she can sleep the whole afternoon when we go back." The principal is smart!

The effect was quite the opposite though. She had so much fun she did not fall sleep till almost 5pm, which finally gave Daddy a much needed personal time.

I was stuck in the office till 9pm. By the time I reached home, she was already asleep. I missed her, but it was so assuring to know that she had enjoyed her day with Daddy.

More of Daddy day care in the future? I surely don't mind!


  1. hi,

    I can so relate to this :)
    I enjoy the moments when Mum is not around and I can bring the kids to go around sightseeing.

    Even a simple Bus/Mrt ride proves adventurous for the kids.

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Thanks for your comment Andy. I think all kids love to go out with just Daddy, with Daddy it is all about fun and adventure. And Yes, Daddy allows the kiddo do things Mummy won't allow, like letting a two-year old have Texas chicken for lunch!