Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A little girl with pigtails

I seldom have the chance to tie her hair because I am the first one to leave house for work every morning. But when I do during the weekends, she is as happy as this.

I absolutely love little girls with pigtails. Not to mention she has the softest hair I have ever seen with a gentle natural curl. It is a shame nowawadys we have to cut her hair every two or three months. Daddy is the one getting her ready to school every morning, and he has no idea how to tie her hair. Even if he does, he thinks it is totally inappropriate for a man to tie her daughter's hair. "It's a mother's job!" said him. Well... I was actually a little bit disappointed when I first heard this, I have always wanted him to be as close to our daughter as possible, to have the special bonding with her and be the man of her life till she grows up and meets her love. I have no doubt he loves her very much. He spends time to play with her everyday. He also shares the responsiblity of taking care of her basic needs.

But a person's personality also very much affects one's parenting style, some are more affectionate while others may be more serious, some are more physical than the others. My husband is not the very expressive type, expecially in public. If he finds it awkward to tie her hair now, will he also find it awkward to bring her out for dates when she is a young woman, to hold her hand and to hug her like what he is doing now? Oh I hope he will not be.

However, I know I should not place my own expectation of what kind of father he should be on him. I should just allow him to learn to love her in his own ways, and let their bonding develop naturally as the years go. As a man who loves God, I am pretty sure his love for our daughter will only grow stronger each day.

He is the one snap all these photos and put them on collage by the way.

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