Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kah Yen's friends

When Kah Yen came back from school telling me who are her friends. I was really excited, the same excitement when she first started to walk or spoke her first words. This is definitely a big milestone in the social development of toddlers.

She had never attended any playgroup or playdates before she went to school. The only playmates are the two big brothers at our Nanny's place. She does not have any friends. Anyway, the concept of friends is also something too abstract for 1-2year olds.

When she started to attend school at 26-month old, I would occasionally ask her "Do you have any friends in school?" The answer was an absolute "Yes", but when I asked further who were her friends, she was not able to give me any names. Maybe she doesn't have any particular friend, to her all her classmates are her friends. Or maybe she did make some friends, she just can't remember their names yet at this age.

Then two months into school, one day when I was reading her a book about a bear and his friends going for a trip, she suddenly told me "My friends are Timothy and Isabel!"

Another day she came back and told me "Isabel didn't come today."

And another day, "Timothy played with water today."


As a new mother, how exciting it is to hear my 2+ old daughter talking to me about her friends and what they did in school! I hope this will be the start of many years to come, she'd continue to share with me about her friends and her day in Primary school, Secondary school and beyond.

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