Monday, 1 October 2012

Kah Yen's first children's day celebration

Yesterday Kah Yen celebrated Children's day for the first time at sunday school. It was exciting and fun but overwhelming as well due to the big crowd, I am proud that Kah Yen did very well through the entire two hours of celebration.

Firstly all the children were invited to join the adults for worship. I so wanted Kah Yen to participate in the worship I brought her all the way to the front row so that we can jump and dance around freely. (Yeah I sometimes do that, guess it says I am still young at heart) We both had a great time singing and dancing together with other children. 

After the worship all the 2-4 years old were led to a different room for children's day program. Usually Kah Yen's class consists of only 10-15 children between 18 months to 2-year old. Today with the addition of 3-4 years old, the total class size was more than 50. It was a massive crowd. Kah Yen was a little overwhelmed initially but she stayed on and behaved well.

Here is all the 2-year old at their first station game - kids bowling. How cute to see they all sitting properly waiting for their turn to throw the ball. And you can see all the parents, teachers and maids cheering behind them, probably even more anxious than the children. LOL. I couldn't squeeze in so I decided to stand aside to take some photos instead.

This is Kah Yen waiting for her turn. You can see the bigger kids were more "aggressive", while Kah Yen and the other girl were at loss what to do. They eventually threw the ball when the teacher guided them to.

After the bowling, they went to the next station - sandbag transportation. This is Kah Yen waiting in the line. I love how she followed instruction to stand in the queue and put her hand on the kid in front till her turn came.

At this station the children were told to carry the sandbag on their heads and walk to the line in front and back. I thought they are too young to play this game, but I was wrong. All the 2-year old were able to follow the instruction and transport the sandbags. Of course being 2-year old they were allowed to "cheat" by using their hands to support the sandbag to prevent it from falling. Kah Yen held the sandbag firmly on her head with both hands and finished the walk. I love how serious she looked, too bad I didn't get a photo.

After all the games Kah Yen received two goodie bags of candies and also a coupon for candy floss, she is too young to eat candy floss so Daddy and Mommy finished it on her behalf.

I can't help thinking how fast she has grown. She was still a tiny baby last year now she is celebrating children's day. I am proud of her for being such a well-behaved big girl. There will be many more children's day celebrations to come in the years ahead and I look forward to each and every one of them.

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