Monday, 8 October 2012

Chasing birds and laughters

I don't know exactly what to write, I just got the pictures. Look how happy Kah Yen and Daddy are just by, doing nothing but chasing after the birds. We were on our way to the market on a Saturday morning, passing by this field with a lot of birds. Kah Yen was excited as usual and wouldn't go away. Daddy decided to have some fun with Kah Yen by chasing after the birds together.

What a big smile there is on her face! If you are there, you won't miss her laughter too. It is no wonder Daddy said Kah Yen's laughter is the sweetest voice he has ever heard.

And Kah Yen is always very generous sharing with Daddy her smile and laughter. For with Daddy, there are more spontaneity, more running-around and more playful moments.


  1. Look at that happy face!

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks for commenting. Yeah it is such a joy and pleasure to look at our kids so happy right? even with the simplest things in life.