Monday, 29 October 2012

Bubble love

Finally I am back! No I don't mean to the office, but to my beloved blog. It has been an eventful week for us, which explains why I don't even have the time to sit down and update my blog. Firstly Grandma came to visit for a week. Then we went for a short 4D3N trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. "We" means Daddy and Mommy, ONLY. Yes it is the first time we travelled without the baby. We came back on Thursday night, rested on Friday and went to collect the key to our new house on Saturday. Grandma went back this morning. Kah Yen is back to Nanny and I am back to office.

After being away for one week, there are loads of work to do in office, but I can't seem to get my engine start without reading my favorite Mommy blogs and updating my own.

Here are some photos of Kah Yen blowing bubbles - bubble love from a bubbly girl. It seems even the fun of travelling cannot beat a moment like this when it comes to bringing a bright smile on my face.

Maybe I am getting old, or maybe it's just a Mommy thing.


  1. You made me feel like trying out bubble blowing with Sophia too! I've always assumed that she wouldn't know how to and will end up putting the bubble blowing stick thing straight into her mouth.

    1. Hi Elaine, just like what you shared about Sophia's learning to read, you and me will be surprised at how fast they learn even at this age. Be warned though that the first time we let her blow herself, half the soap ended up on the floor. :-)