Monday, 15 October 2012

Making a stand-up 3D Duck

So Mommy and Kah Yen's foray into art & craft continued this weekend. Last week we attempted for the first time together and made a very simple duck. This weekend we made a duck again (Okay I probably need to be more creative next time), it is a stand-up 3D duck though. I used the template from the same site  First School - Alphabet Worksheets and Activities.

The template already provided us with the body, head, mouth and feet, so I simply cut them out and colored them together with Kah Yen. The assembly was the more challenging part. The body was a big circle, so we folded it into half. A small paper plate can be used too. The feet was folded three times into a standing letter M, it was then inserted into the bottom of the body and stapled on both sides. Position of the feet was very important because otherwise the duck wouldn't be able to stand. The head was simply pasted on. The mouth glued half and folded half into a 3D. Kah Yen helped on coloring, applying glue and pasting as usual.

The other part which involved Kah Yen the most was making the feathers. And it happened to be one of Kah Yen's favorite drawing activities - making hand prints. I traced Kah Yen's hands on blue paper and cut them out, then pasted them on both sides of the body as feathers. We were so happy when it stood up like this:

Again it was a rather simply craft, and Mommy was doing most of it. But at least we spent one hour together concentrating on something instead of wandering around the house. And Daddy had one hour uninterrupted time to do his freelance work. Divide and conquer - yes that's how we survived when we had an entire day at home with Kah Yen :-)

We had some fun time taking pictures with our craft too!


  1. Wow! She can sit still for an hour watching you make the duck? That's impressive enough. Sophia definitely will not be able to last 5 minutes without wandering about the house.

    1. Hi Elaine, not exactly sitting still. She sits and gets up and plays with this and that, I have to keep commanding her to sit near me. Trying to asking her to help me definately helps. She does each a bit - coloring, applying glue, pasting, and passing things to mommy. Of course we play silly games too while doing the craft, like using a roll of paper to make phone calls to each other, just to keep her interested