Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sweet Kah Yen

I love taking afternoon naps with Kah Yen on Sundays. It is a treat for both of us, for she gets to sleep on Mummy's bed, and I get to take my only afternoon nap of the week, which is a rare commodity, with her so close to me. We are not cuddling each other in our sleep though, if you imagine it it's very nice but in reality it's quite the opposite, you know how babies roll and kick when they sleep. So the truth is I always sleep at the outer edge of the bed and leave the rest two-thirds of the space to her, though my size should be more than three times hers.

We don't lie down and fall asleep together. If we do that she will be over excited and turn the naptime into playtime instead. Usually I will sneak in and lie beside her only after she is fast asleep. We could sleep for almost two to three hours together on average.

Last Sunday Daddy joined us too because he rushed some freelance work till late the previous night. There is no way our bed can fit all three of us comfortably. So Daddy pulled out a mattress and slept on the floor in the same room.

I was sleeping soundly when I felt some movement beside me. Kah Yen must have woken up. Judging from my still so sleepy and drowsy state I reckon I have only fallen asleep for about one hour, which says Kah Yen woke up earlier than usual. "Never mind, let her lie down and play while I sleep for another half an hour more", I thougt so and I did not open my eyes. Oh I forgot to mention that when I came in to lie down, I must have taken her Piglet and wrapped my arm around it to fall asleep. 

So as I was drifting back to sleep again, I felt her move towards me and pull her Piglet out from under my arm. I opened my eyes and yes it was her. And guess what she did? When she saw me opening my eyes, she quickly put her right pointing finger on her lips and uttered "Shh..", How cute and sweet the way she did it. And she did not make another sound afterwards. Though she did not say anything but I could imagine what was in her mind: "Shh...Sorry Mummy I woke you up. You can go back to sleep, and Daddy was still sleeping too. So let's not make any sound."

I smiled at her and blinked my eyes. She smiled and blinked back. Our usual silent tricks. I was quite awake by now. I thought of teasing her a bit, so I took Piglet and put on my arm again. And as I expected, she took it back immediately. Her soft toys are all very dear to her and she always make sure everyone of them is with her when she sleeps. She won't allow anyone to take them away.

After taking back her Piglet, she went on to play with other things on the bed quietly, while I closed my eyes again. Ah I really needed to nap another half an hour or 15 minutes more, for I still felt very tired.

I dozed off again. A few minutes must have passed when I felt something soft and fluffy touching my arm. I opened my eyes and saw Kah Yen putting her little bear on my arm. This little bear is a new addition to her soft toys, given by our Nanny just two days ago. She put it there for a while - maybe two minutes or so - then she took it back.

I can imagine if she can express, she would say "Mummy, I can't give you my Piglet, but you can have this bear for two minutes, all right?"

What a sweet girl! My heart suddenly felt so warm and happy. Yes two minutes is enough, for me to cuddle the bear for a while, to lie down beside her a little longer, to linger in the sweetness of the air till a broad smile emerges on my face, and most importantly, to thank God for such a beautiful child He has given to me.

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