Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo,

My mummy once read me a book that says if I write you a letter, you will send me a pet. But I am not writing for a pet, I am writing to tell you how glad I am that I have met you.

Last Saturday, my daddy and mummy finally brought me to the zoo. When I was younger they always discussed whether they should bring me to the zoo, the answer is always no because they are afraid that the monkeys will fetch me home, or they would say grandma told them if I look at monkeys too much, I will look like one and that won't be a pretty thing for a girl. Adults always have strange logic, I don't understand them, most of the time.

We were first met by the otters. They are so small, but they seem to have so much energy. When I went near the glass that keep them away from us, they all ran to me and made funny and loud noises, like they were mighty glad to see me. I was mighty glad to see them too!

Next we went to the Splash Safari to watch the sea lion show. This is the first time I saw a sea lion, and it is completely different from a lion! The sea lion likes splashing in the water just like me at shower time. But he also likes many other things, like eating fishes, jumping up to touch the ball, flying through a ring circle and standing up-side-down with his two hands. He is quite a good dancer too.

After the show we went to the primate kingdom. Primate kingdom is full of monkeys, different kinds of monkeys, some has very long and thin tail, some has a white patch near their backside, like they are also wearing a cloth diaper, some is orange in color, some climbs up and down the tree like a spider. I wanted to ask mummy if George was also there. You know George? He is from Africa, he is a very curious monkey. The book says he went to the zoo in the end. 

We also went to the Elephants at work & play show. The elephants are very smart and funny, but they are so big I don't dare to go near them. I am afraid they will kiss my ear like this:

After the elephant show we went to see the giant tortoise. I don't quite like them at first. They look so grey in color that I almost mistook them as big rocks. And they look so old. Mummy told me that one of them was 178 years old. Now I remembered a story Mummy once told me about a tortoise and a hare, they went for a race, and despite the hare ran very fast, the tortoise still beat the hare and won the race. Mummy said it is because the hare fell asleep, but I think it is because the tortoise is very good at walking. He had been walking for over 100 years!

Look at this tortoise, he is so big, I opened my mouth as big as I can but it is still five size smaller than his. And his neck is probably longer than me!

I also met hippo, lion and cheetah face to face and saw many others like white tiger, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros. Oh yes I especially loved the two honey bears. I pointed at them and called "Ah Pooh", which is the name for my baby pooh, mummy is so surprised I can tell they are the same species, even she doesn't know Ah Pooh is a honey bear, she has forgotten what she read to me!

You are so mighty big and we couldn't finish visiting every part of you this time. I was so tired I collapsed into my mummy's arm after lunch, and we took a taxi home. I promise I will come back again, really soon! I send this photo of me to you so that you can remember me the next time I come! Send my regards to all the animals I have met and all those I have not met. Thank you.

Your truly
Kah Yen

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