Thursday, 30 May 2013

Let's go to school today!

Kah Yen has been dawdling in the mornings and saying things like "I don't want to go to school today". We aren't sure if there are other reasons but what I can think of is her not getting enough sleep at night. She is sleeping for 10 hours only as comparing to 11+ hours before she attends school. On top of it she's also waking up at least once for toilet trip.

To make her feel better in the morning, Daddy drew this picture for her after she went to bed last night. Hopefully she will be excited to go to school when she sees this.  I love how it goes to show that Daddy loves her very very much.


  1. Wow, Daddy's very artistic!

    1. Thanks Elaine. Sometimes I hope I am the artistic one though coz I have more time to do drawing and art stuff with her as compare to Daddy. But I am totally the opposite. I remember don't know how many times Kah Yen asks me to draw something for her and I have to answer like this "Mummy doesn't know how to draw that. Can you wait for Daddy to come back please?" She used to ask moon and stars now it is squirrels and seahorses!