Monday, 20 May 2013

Kah Yen Quotables

I have found talking with 2-3 year olds can be hilarious sometimes. Here are some of the things Kah Yen has said. I want to record them all down before I forget.

(1) Miss Teh Kah Yen

We are reading a book together. There is a picture of a happy little girl on the page.

Me: Look! It is a little girl. She looks so happy. How about you Kah Yen? Are you a happy girl?
KY: I am not a girl. I am Miss Teh Kah Yen.

(2) It's a sunny day

We stayed in a two-bedroom villa during our one week holiday in Bali last week. Kah Yen slept on her own on a single bed in a separate room. It is lower than a normal bed so she can get up and down easily herself. We kept both bedroom doors open so we can hear her when she woke up.

I was dreaming when I heard footsteps in our bedroom. I opened my eyes. It's Kah Yen and the clock shows 7am.

Me: Kah Yen, it's only 7am! You woke up so early?
KY: It's a sunny day.

There goes my dream of catching back my one year short of sleep during this one week holiday.

(3) Old Macdonald

Me: Kah Yen, quick! Wear your shoes, we are going to Macdonald's to eat Pancake!
KY: Old Macdonald had a farm?

Yes, and we are going to eat the chicken on his farm too. I was almost gonna say.

(4) Timothy

 Kah Yen had two best friends in school. Their names are Timothy and Isabel. So this is what happened when I was reading her the children's bible the other day.

Me: Today's bible verse is from 1 Timothy. It is a letter written to Timothy.
KY: How about Isabel?
Me: ... ...

Someone please tell me how to answer her!

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