Friday, 3 May 2013


Kah Yen is gettting more and more expressive by the day. I am not talking about "I want to drink milk, now!" or "Can I play some more, please?" or "I don't want to go to sleep, I want to wake up!"... I am talking about this.

Last night when she came back home from school, she saw her Baby Pooh on our bed, left there by her in the morning. She climbed up to our bed, hugged Baby Pooh to her chest, and said "Hello Ah Pooh. This is my Ah Pooh. I love Ah Pooh. This is my favorite Ah Pooh." I stood there watching in amusement.

Well technically it is not correct. She only has one Ah Pooh. So it cannot be her favorite Ah Pooh. But hey! she is only two and a half year old and she is using the word "favorite", that means more to me than a grammatically correct sentence.

I love to see she is becoming more affectionate as she grows. Just on Labor day, we had a fun morning on the beach and I was expecting her to take a long nap in the afternoon but she didn't sleep. I was tired myself so I let her play in my room while I took a quick nap. She played on her own for a long time, while I dozed on and off half sleeping half feeling guilty of leaving her alone. In the midst of all this I felt her climbed up to my bed, snugged herself tightly beside me, and out of nowhere she just said "Mummy, I like you."

It made me smile but I was also nearly choked to death by the guilt.

I am totally not surprised if one day she comes to me and says "You are my favorite mummy". It sounds awkward I know, but you and me know what that means.

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