Monday, 10 September 2012

Saturday Art

So last weekend we went to the zoo, this weekend we did not plan to go anywhere. After our usual Saturday morning grocery shopping in the market, it was 10 o'clock and another two more hours before lunch. Daddy took out a big piece of wrapping paper and covered quarter of the living room with it, and he announced we were gonna make a piece of art.

"Since we went to the zoo last week, let's draw all the animals Kah Yen has met in the zoo." declared Daddy.

Of course drawing was 90% done by Daddy and 5% done by Mummy, AND, let's just give 5% credit to Kah Yen for trying really hard.

As you can see, she was helping Daddy to color the sun bear's belly white.

After a few minutes Kah Yen realized the sun bear's belly is too big for her, this clever girl moved to giraffe, maybe she think she can help to add some details to giraffe's leg. She was still working very very hard as you can see.

Daddy was done with Zebra. Now it was the time to draw the giant crocodile. It looked mighty big and scary. "That's too big for me, I'd better step aside and let Daddy do the work", thought Kah Yen.

Kah Yen reckoned she had worked really hard this morning so she proceeded to reward herself with two new ballons before we finish the drawing. And when Daddy and Mummy asked her to stand behind the completed drawing to take a photo, she was like "Oh so fast. It was done? What should I do with the ballons?"

"Okay, Daddy and Mummy said I can have the ballons to take photo together." So Kah Yen stood in front of the drawing with Daddy held it from behind, for more photo taking.

We spent entire one hour on this. It was a great family time. Don't try to guess what did Kah Yen's mummy draw. I was trying to be busy with the camera as you can see.


  1. That's a lovely way to spend the weekend, plus the artwork makes a lovely interesting backdrop for an empty wall! Well done, all of you!

    1. Hi June, Thanks for dropping by. I read your blog too but I can't leave any comments, something is wrong with my computer, or account. Yeah great that Daddy can draw, it is always the backup plan if we don't have anything else to do with her, so I don't need to scratch my head. I am totally not an artistic, handcraft type.:-( We can't wait for more drawing sessions with her when she grows a little bigger.