Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy National Day

We spent the first half of National Day public holiday viewing our future houses and the second half doing some craft activity with Kah Yen - making a paper flag as I have promised her.

Some background of the promise. As most of us are aware, with National Day draws near, almost every street and every building of Singapore is decorated with the National Flag. Kah Yen was fascinated by the colorful displays everywhere, as she usual did with new things. Everytime we go out she will surely point at them and exclaimed "There are moon and stars" - for she does not know the word "flag" yet. But eventually she learnt this new word thanks to National Day.

By the time she woke up from her late afternoon nap it was nearly 5pm. I had to start preparing dinner in the kitchen so Daddy volunteered to make the flag with her. He first cut the red and white paper for the background, then cut out the crescent moon and the five stars. Kah Yen helped by applying glue on the moon and stars and sticking them on the paper. It was quite an easy project and they did it in a short 15 minutes.

It was a very nice flag. was not until I placed it with another real mini-flag side by side to take photo, did I realize that Daddy had made a careless mistake! The national flag background was halved horizontally, with the red above the white, the moon and stars are in red and are pasted on the white background. And he did exactly the opposite!

I thought I will have some lovely photos to show here after our activity but on a second note we'd better not post the photos since it might be viewed as offensive by some people.

So here is a photo of Kah Yen with the mini-flag we bought from the bookstore. And here is happy National Day to all Singaporeans!

Happy National Day Singapore

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