Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I miss my daughter

Suddenly I miss my daughter so much.

No I am not on a business trip or a holiday without her. I am in my office, it is an ordinary weekday. The fact is I have not seen her (other than sleeping) for the past 24 hours! Yesterday morning when I left her and the husband to work, she was still sleeping. Last night I had a date night with my girl friends, she was put to bed by Daddy at the usual time. This morning again I left to work with her still sleeping.

I miss her dearly, right now.

I miss her sweet voice shouting "Mummmmy!" across the house, reacheing me in the kitchen, or the study room, or the bathroom, no matter where I am. She has not learnt to control her volume yet, so sometimes the sound pierces right into your ears. But I like it.

I miss her jumping up to her feet on her bed when she sees me coming into the room in the morning (during weekends). The smile and the excitement on her face is like the first sunbeam that enters into the house from the window - warm and bright.

I miss her running towards me with her Baby Pooh every day when I appear at our Nanny's door step to pick her up. She runs so fast that our Nanny always has to chase after her to make her wear shoes.

I miss carrying her home. Though she is growing heavier by the day and I have to carry her with one arm and push the stroller with the other. I miss her little arms around my neck and her face touching my face.

I miss having her sitting around us for dinner. She is contented to sit still and play with her toys in our presence. When Hubby and I shared something that made us laugh, she'd quickly join the laugh too as if she is also in the conversation and fully understands what we were talking about. We love her presence as much as she loves ours.

I miss cuddling her and reading to her each night on our bed, surrounded by her Baby Pooh, Piglet and Tigger which she insists sitting with us to read together. I miss her sound and actions when we read "Moo, Baa, La La La" and her quietness and attentiveness when we read "Corduroy' the bear who is lonesome in a department store and who is longing for a friendship, even though I doubt she even understands half the story.

I miss reading the bible to her just before lights out. She'd have already retrieved to her own bed. Most of the time she will lie quietly on her bed soaking in the presence of the Lord. I always believe the Word speaks life into her. She could be jumping, singing a moment ago but the minute I start to read the bible, she becomes quiet.

I miss my daily prayer to her. I miss her repeating after me "God loves you". I miss her saying "Amen" with a chuckle.

I miss kissing her good night.

I miss her wispering to me "Good night, Mummy" when I teaches her to.

I miss standing beside her bed and looking at her sleeping like an angel.

I miss her so much.

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