Monday, 20 August 2012

"God with him, so sad!"

One of the most enjoyable things about the toddler year is to see the toddlers learning to talk. From babbling at 3-4 months to uttering their first "Dada" or "Mama" somewhere near one year old, they have come a long way. And the moment they have turned 18-month old, they start to put words into short phases and sentences, and try to copy everything you say. But they may not fully understand the meaning of the word they say or the appropriate way to use it, which results in some funny moments. 

Kah Yen is at this stage right now. She can pick up almost every word or phase I say to her and repeat it non-stop. For example, before we cuddle and read a book, I will point in front of me and say "Kah Yen sit here", and she will grab Baby Pooh and say "Ah Pooh sit here", and so on to Piglet and Tigger and that's how I ended up reading to a zoo every night. After I wear clothes for her I will say "Kah Yen is so pretty!", and she will point at me and say "Mummy so pretty!", and then at Daddy and say "Daddy so pretty!" despite Daddy insisting that he should look handsome instead.

Other times she copies me without really understand what does it mean.

(1) "Kah Yen help"

Kah Yen was trying to buckle her safety belt in the stroller, after trying for very long, Mummy was afraid that she would get too frustrated so I decided to offer my help.

Mummy: Come, Mummy help.
Kah Yen: No, Kah Yen help!
Mummy: Do you mean "Kah Yen do"?
Kah Yen: No, Kah Yen help!
Mummy: ...

(2) Walk slowly

Kah Yen was walking very fast in the park, I was afraid she would fall, so I told her "Kah Yen, walk slowly". She stopped and looked at me for a moment. I was glad that she understood what I mean, or I thought so. Because before I knew it, she started running away from me while chanting "Walk slowly! Walk slowly!". 

(3) So sad

She learnt the word "happy" and "sad" long ago, even with facial expressions. So I thought she understood these emotional words very well. The other day I was reading her bible story at bedtime, as we usually do. The story was about Joseph the boy, his father likes him and gives him a pretty coat, his brothers do not like him and sell him to Egypt. 

Mummy: Joseph was sold to Egypt, no more pretty coat to wear, so sad.
Kah Yen: No more pretty coat, so sad!
Mummy: But it is okay, because God is with him.
Kah Yen: God with him, so sad!
Mummy: (Speechless)

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