Friday, 24 August 2012

The world's most popular bird

I was the one picking up Kah Yen last night. I carried her in one hand, and pushed the stroller with the other into the lift. The light inside the lift was dim. And as we turned around and the lift door closed, Kah Yen pointed at something on the floor and said "Aiya!" - her usual exclamation when she sees something dirty or broken. I looked down on the floor, there was a small piece of slighted crumpled paper on the floor, it is about the size of a 50 cents coin, but it is not round, it is irregular shape. It is red in color. And many people must have stepped on it, because it looked dirty.

"It is just a dirty sticker." I told Kah Yen. Her eyes were still fixing on it.

"Aagery beard" She said something.

"What? What did you say Kah Yen?" I seriously had no idea what she was talking about.

"Aagery beard" She repeated it again.

It sounded familiar. I must have heard this word before from elsewhere. It was the first time I heard Kah Yen saying it and I searched my memory on all the things I have taught her. I don't recall anything similar to this word.

When she pointed and said it persistently the third time - I could hear from her rising volume she was demanding an acknowledgement from me. The lift was almost going to reach the ground floor, so I quickly bended down, pushed my glass closer to my eyes and suddenly it all came clear to me. It is the red color angry bird!

A lot of things went through my mind in the next 5 seconds.

"Wow, Kah Yen is really a very observant girl."
"Good that her eyesight is much better than Mummy's."
"She can say the word 'Angry bird' pretty well. She is surely learning to talk fast."
"Wait! I have never taught her the word 'Angry bird'!"
"Where did she get to know about 'Angry bird'? We have never showed her the video game, we have not a single angry bird related toy in our house."
"It must be Korkor at our Nanny's place. He likes to play video games on iPad."
"I hope Kah Yen is not learning to play video games from him."


And guess what? The final thought that came into my mind which rendered all the others trivialities is that I have to agree angry bird is really a popular and influential bird.

Seriously, neither my husband nor myself ever played this game, we don't have it in our smart phone. We never bought anything related to the bird. She has probably saw our Nanny's 5-ear old grandson played with it on his iPad. She must have overheard him saying the word. And then she can identity a dirty and creaseD angry bird sticker at the corner of a dusky lift, when Mummy can't even see clearly what is it.

To add on when I was teaching her ABC, she never said the word "Bird" when I asked her what is 'B', she said the chinese word "Niao niao" instead. So I thought she found "Bird" too difficult to pronounce or she couldn't comprehend that the same thing can be called in two different names (Chinese and English).

So I guess it is no doubt angry bird can be called the world's most popular bird. And I am just glad she has not learnt to ask "Mummy Can I play angry bird?" yet.

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