Monday, 27 August 2012

Meet Kah Yen's friends

Finally I got some photos of Kah Yen and all her friends. Her friends have been mentioned by me here and there before. As you have probably guessed, they are already part of the family.

Baby Pooh - Baby Pooh is the all time favorite. It is irreplaceable. It is huggable and kissable no matter how many times it drops on the floor and how dirty it looks. Its backside is especially prefered because it is more cuddly (and maybe more tasty, I don't know because I never tasted it). When I first picked Baby Pooh from the discount section of the toy store at mere $6, I was extremely worried that I would be laughed by the husband for making a lousy and "cheap" choice. Truth is, Kah Yen fell in love with it at first sight and never wanted to be seperated from it again, except bath time. Baby Pooh is the only privileged member who follows us everywhere we go - to Malaysia, China and Indonesia. The next thing we need to do is probably applying a proper passport for him!

Piglet - Piglet is Baby Pooh's best friend in the Winnie-the-Pooh classics. At our home, she continues to be a best friend by always staying behind Baby Pooh. She never tries to take the front seat, never tries to win favor. She is a little bit quiet and timid, but Kah Yen loves her too, just a little less than Baby Pooh. When we have to wash Baby Pooh on emergency cases, Kah Yen would first cry for Baby Pooh but after a few minutes she would go to hug Piglet and be contented enough to sleep.

Tigger - Tigger is small in size but it has a bright and cheerful countenance and a broad smile. So it will stand out among all others even though it is a size smaller. The only thing I have against Tigger is it interferes with my teaching Kah Yen name of animals, because everything tiger or tiger-like has become "tigger'' instead.

Donkey - Donkey actually has a real name Eeyore, but it is too difficult to pronounce so we call him Donkey instead. Donkey is the smallest among them all. He is so grey that he looks gloomy all the time. He also looks like a lazy fellow 'coz he lies on his stomack all the time. I hardly think it will become a favorite soft toy of anyone's, we bought it because we want to make the Pooh family more complete. It is nevertheless a faith friend by always being there and never complains.

That's my version of Kah Yen's friends. I wonder how Kah Yen will introduce them when she is old enough to tell. And the above photos of them altogether is typically seen at bedtime, after she was changed and ready to read a book. It is a ritual of hers to have them all on our bed to read together.

They surely enjoy themselves every night.

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