Wednesday, 18 September 2013

When mummy is not at home

My 3-year old girl is having mood swings pretty often nowadays. She can be happily playing and talking all by herself, but when she is tired, bored, or when she knows it is time to stop playing and go to bed, she will either become very quiet or start whining. I am still not sure how to handle her mood swings. Honestly sometimes I get really annoyed by it. Thanksfully it usually does not last for very long, it doesn't take much effort for us to get her back to her cheeky self again.

Daddy captured these series of photos of her when mummy was not at home one day. She is so used to me welcoming and hugging her at the doorstep every evening when she comes back with Daddy, she was clearly not very happy that day when she found the house was all empty and quiet.

Despite Daddy buying a new smurf for her and building a big castle for all her minions and smurfs, this was her expression when Daddy asked her to pose for a photo.

"OK, I will give you a victory pose. Please get it done quickly."

"I am really not in the mood for any photo. Just one more we are done."

"I said no more photos! If you want you can have my back."

"OK. Take whatever you want. I am too bored I am going to shake my backside a little."

And finally, this cheeky girl was amused by her own actions and started laughing, saving Daddy a tough evening.

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