Monday, 16 September 2013

VBAC (2)

Finally, we have decided to change to a new gynae who is pro-natural and thinks I am a good candidate for VBAC - Vaginal birth after Cesarean.

So I am officially going for VBAC for my second child.

It feels so good after we have made up our mind.

I have been actively reading about natural childbirth, the signs of labor, the stages of labor, and the techniques to prepare for labor and ease labor pain. Though this is my second child I feel like a first-time mom when I am reading up all these, because my first child was in breech position and we have scheduled for Cesarean way in advance, hence all I did was getting myself rested for the operation day.

Reading about labor excites me. Everything about labor is so natural, no, actually is supernatural. God has designed the woman's body to be able to stretch and deliver a 6-8 pounds baby through the birth canal. It is amazing.

The more I read from internet and books, the more I realize I am a believer of natural way of birthing. I believe induction to start contraction early is not necessary unless there is complication threating the mother or baby's life. I think epidural is not perfectly OK to use and it is not a God-given gifts to mommies. I believe using breathing and relaxation techniques to ease the pain of labor instead of medications. If I have known earlier there is HypnoBirthing classes and Doula services available in Singapore, I would certainly have signed for one.

My new gynae, as I mentioned, is pro-natural and makes me feel very comfortable after each visit. He said he will not induce me even if I go past my due date, he doesn't believe a baby will be too big to be born. He will not hook me on bed with IV drips and monitors the minute my contraction starts, instead he asked me to labor at home through the early stage and only when contraction is strong and unbearable, I should check in hospital. He thinks if my cervix is able to dilate fast we can go without epidural. All these give me much assurance.

Of course, a VBAC is still different from a first time vaginal delivery. Fear does come back to me once in a while, but I choose to have faith in my own belief. I trust that God is going to help me deliver this baby beautifully.

My due date is 28 Sep 2013, so I am in the waiting game now.

I came upon this website which contains mommy's first hand sharing of birth stories, covering all different types of labor and of course VBAC. I was very encourage by the stories. The people behind the website provides childbirth class, labor supports and postnatal services. I will surely check out them when I have my next child. Enjoy reading!

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