Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A simple Teacher's Day gift with a little personalization

Being a parent means doing things you have never done before almost everyday, making a teacher's day gift for your 3-year old daughter to bring to school is one of them.

Both my husband and I are not a "gift" person, we don't know what to buy when it comes to buying gifts for others, even for each other. Hence, we have been procrastinating until last weekend. Then we decided we will just make something simple and personal at home.

My initial idea is to write the "Thank you teacher who and who" on the chalkboard, get Kah Yen to pose for a photo with it, print the photo and insert into a photo frame. That's it. We are done. But we don't have enough photo frames at home, so we decided to make cards instead, in this way we can also involve Kah Yen more in the making of the gift.

It turned out to be a 2-hour art & craft session. I love that all of us are involved. My husband helped to write the "Thank you" message on the board and take the photos. Getting an active 3-year old to pose for photo is not easy, so we decided to just get one nice photo and photoshop with the rest of the messages.

I pasted the photo on the cover of the card and also added the Wasi tape to brighten up a little bit.

Kah Yen pasted the 3D flower stickers and the shining beads. We also let her put some fingerprints on it, later Daddy drew eyes and wings and legs on them to turn them into buzzing bees. Don't ask me why bees. There is no logic. Just for the fun!

Inside the card, we wrote a simple message to each teacher. Then we let Kah Yen decorate it herself. She added more fingerprints and her favorate stamps on each card.  

We love how they turned out to be. And most importantly, we love that Kah Yen participated in it and she was mighty proud of herself.

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